About Us

MAAD styles was born out of a love for hip-hop, drill, grime, trap and its culture that originates from the streets. It comes from a place where style is everything, a form of self expression – as long as you’ve got the swagger to match the swag.

All of the shoes, threads and accessories you’ll find on MAAD styles have been sourced by people like you for people like you. Whether you’re a baller, b-boy or girl, or just someone who moves to the beat, we’ve got you covered. 

Our crazy, unique, fresh street gear allows you to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. To make trends instead of follow them. Mix ‘em up to create your own style and then step out in the knowledge that you’ll be the sharpest Playa on the block.


For us at MAAD styles, it's quality over quantity and style over brands. Take a browse through our hip-hop emporium and you'll realise we live by this...

'No big Hype, Just MAAD styles!'

So as N.W.A said... "Express Yourself"